02 May 2012


Pillows, pillows, pillows. How do I choose just one style? I can't. Maybe I can start a seasonal, monthly, weekly rotation? I have plenty of love go round, I don't have to commit right? Need new pillows for the living room, trying to make decisions. Just a few of my favs.

This beauty from World Market has that calm, cool, relaxed yet sophisticated but don't I want to be too obvious about it style.

 These fuzzy beauties from West Elm would match the animal hair that already covers my couch.


Then there is that beachy, blue, bright look that I am longing for lately. These water blues from West Elm and Furbish (the pink version of this is AMAZE!) are dreamy.

I also love the patterned preppy style via Modernality2 on Etsy.

Or I could just go with an Owl or Skull pillow ;)

27 June 2011

He's Bad.

Sometimes you just run across a greeting card that you just can't pass up and think to yourself what could I use this for? And there isn't an answer, at least in this case. Never the less, Mr. Jackson did come home with me. We will see what the future holds for him.

Bridesmaid's Gift

What a rad idea for a bridesmaid gift!!!

12 February 2011

Day at the dog park :)