28 October 2007

Ms. PC herself. Weirdo #1 Weirdo #2 I should not have been awake to take this picture.

we have color clothes

21 October 2007

Here he is: Bish. I am naming him in honor of Malia. Bish's new bachelor pad.

Oyster Fest

We went to the St. Mary's County Oyster Festival on Saturday with Jim and Stasha. The drive was pretty long and we got a late start. Stasha has a little too much fun the night before (props) and for once Sean and I were actually ready to go before them. Which I should mention is always my fault. View from the St. Mary's/Solomons Island Bridge? Not sure which one. View from the sun roof, gorgeous day! Fried oyster were awesome. Big Ass Cow. No, it is not a bull. The farmer said it was female. I was taking the day as a challenge. I had full intentions of downing raw oysters and taking oysters shooter after oyster shooter like a champ (BTW did not see any of those). I always want to like them but, the day proved again that I can not handle their squishy, flaccid, mucus like texture.Pictured here are grilled oysters. Did not like. Stasha and I played the old throw a pigpong ball into a little tiny glass bowl. On my very last try I sunk one! My new fish.

19 October 2007

does your cat have laser beam eyes?

17 October 2007

12 October 2007

alyssa, look what i got, how behind am i?

07 October 2007

Japanese Boob Dance

I have no idea what this is advertising.

06 October 2007

not eating today drives me to consume one of the most hideous things on earth: a lean o pocket

where my homies at?

throttle bong

04 October 2007

02 October 2007

saturday mimosas

francesca brought the entertainment: see below

01 October 2007

it's business time