13 December 2009

sliver diner- clarendon. not even hungry

05 September 2009

ANKLE GRAB Stan and Joes

Are you limber? Are you limber?

Grab your ankles Knoxville style!

Doin the abkle dance with my game day bag!!!! Love it!!!!!

Grab your ankles! Castle Bay

01 May 2009

mason jennings- the avalon theatre

28 February 2009


Ian Kessler-Gowell. Beautiful glass bowls and objects. The Circle Factory: George Peterson. Broken skateboards. Coolest Booth of the Show- Jan Huling Bead Art Jonathon Anderson: Morphism Design Super cool Furrow Lighting made from corrugated cardboard.

19 February 2009

the infamous pair of mexican underware that bumbed a ride to the states

stasha and i back in our monk days