26 December 2007

Last Weekend

I want to formally apologize to those of you who had the pleasure of watching me vomit last Friday night. I don't think anything like that has happened to me since I was about 16 years old. Although I mix my alcohols often I don't usually do it on an empty stomach.

22 December 2007


Dave decided to join the belly dancer.

My Man

21 December 2007

20 December 2007

carter cruisin

happy birthday sean

09 December 2007

wtf? i need to use this 2nite

08 December 2007

This is project #2. This does not look nearly as impressive as in real life.
FBI issued hookah.
So I am very behind on pictures but, Cranberries! This is my cranberry apple pie. This Sean's beautiful smoked turkey form Thanksgiving.

01 December 2007

laurens favorite toy

16 November 2007

08 November 2007

It seems we like cheese. Sharp cheddar, Port Wine spreadable, cream cheese, 2 containers of bleu, shaved swiss, Mexican shredded cheddar and a block of mozzarella, parmesean not pictured

02 November 2007

Friday Road Trip

Rock. We couldn't figure out what this was. There were 3 of them on the road with police escorts and they were humongous. Sean figured out that they were propellers for really big windmills.
On the way up to Kentuck Knob & Falling Water This looks small but it is actually the size a tub or spa.

Falling Water

Kentuck Knob

Camera use was pretty limited in or around the house. English phone booth. These cut outs are actually the same shape as the rooms of the house. Cool view through a skylight on the deck. I am pretty sure this one is Andy Goldsworthy. Harry Bertoia wind chime sculpture. Beautiful overhang with outdoor skylights. Official Frank Lloyd Wright tile.

falling water

28 October 2007

Ms. PC herself. Weirdo #1 Weirdo #2 I should not have been awake to take this picture.

we have color clothes

21 October 2007

Here he is: Bish. I am naming him in honor of Malia. Bish's new bachelor pad.