28 May 2010

big ass terrapin laying eggs at work today

23 May 2010

gardening really is a dirty job. i have to scrub my feet before i get into my nice clean bed

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10 May 2010

To help me keep track of things I have planted I am trying to keep these tags and eventually sketch the design of my garden. Hopefully I will learn what i like and do not like and how to care the best care of them.


I finally waited until Mother's Day to do any planting but, it was tough! These plants are courtesy of Home Depot and Linda Tuck. There is more to come. I have wanted to add this Sedum for a while: Stonecrop- Autumn Joy. Not hard to get at all, I have just been lazy. This type of Sedum is called: Stonecrop-Angelina (Sedum). I love the texture and it's yellow-green color. I think this stuff has a million different names but, I know it as Creeping Charlie. It grows like a weed and hopefully it will here too. In a month or two it should be draping out of the bird bath. In my blue pots that stand guard at my front door I combined magenta petunias and bright orange marigolds that smell wonderful. Definitely out of my comfort zone color-wise. SAD POPPIES: My mom's neighbor Linda has a very structured color scheme in her garden. It is filled with beautiful purples and blues. These poppies are yellow and were running rampant in her garden. So, she gave some to my mother and I. I didn't plant mine for 24 hours so, I think I made them a little sad. We will see if they perk up in the next day or two.

04 May 2010