26 August 2007

24 August 2007

bye bye Nora and Jivko!


21 August 2007

20 August 2007

proof that Sean's family exists

19 August 2007

17 August 2007

i told you to stop it god damit!

homer simpson doughnut

16 August 2007

15 August 2007

the simple things please me

12 August 2007

11 August 2007

10 August 2007

Guess what this guys name is.... Sean O'Brien

09 August 2007

08 August 2007

Multimedia message

This is what you should look for in the sky.

07 August 2007

Something you should check out.

In the very near future (August 18-24) the planet Mars will be passing a star called Aldebaran. When this happens the constellation Taurus forms it's second red eye. The funny part is that I am not sure if you need a telescope to see this or if you can just walk outside and see it with a naked eye. It is brightest between the hours of 4-5 am and even people in cities will have a clear view. It seems pretty cool. Let it be know that this just may be my full moon! Who knows what will happen?

I can only hope.

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